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You will need to bring your driving licence, passport, proof of address such as an utility bill or a bank statement and your credit/debit card. Also we will need your National Insurance Number for the licence or you can come with a check code.

The deposit is £250 on a credit card and £450 on debit. This does not apply to prestige fleet.

You can pay via credit card or debit card. We do not accept VISA Electrons. Only major debit or credit cards.

Contact the branch, take as many pictures as possible and fill out the incident report. Please see our incident report page. http://amg.csoneproofing.co.uk/car-hire-high-wycombe/car-hire-incident-report

In event of a breakdown please call the branch, if within hours or out of hours and then call the RAC number on the back of the tax disk.

Yes you are liable for all tyre damage.

Contact us and give us all the details and we will be able to help you.

Our minimum age is 23, however this does not apply to the prestige fleet.  Prestige hire age qualification is 25+ meeting all requirements listed on website.

Yes you can. An aditional surcharge per day applies to your rental. The surcharge depends on the period you spend abroad.  Number of days abroad to be charged. Also a green card charge applies and the excess may increase. Please contact us for more information. Also we need 48 hours notice to arrange the green card.

Yes, you may add one or more additional drivers to your rental when you collect the car at the pick up branch, or during the rental duration. 

Additional drivers must be added in person at the branch, either at the start, or during the rental, and unfortunately cannot be added online, or by telelphone.

All intended drivers (main and additional) must show their driver's license, and meet all AMG Rentals standard terms and conditons.


There is a surcharge of £30 per day for every additional driver.